Exchanges & Returns

Rightpromises Hardware Design Lda (hereinafter referred to as ClevoCenter) offers the best experience to its consumers. This extends to the assistance policy, where there is an effort to meet any and all needs of the Customer. When purchasing an item in our Online Shop, the consumer benefits from a Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows him to return or exchange an item within the first 14 days (with exceptions described below) provided conditions for that purpose are met.

Before purchasing a product, please note that in terms of the Termination of Contracts (Returns), the Portuguese Law establishes distinctions between a purchase from a distance (online and received by carrier) of a purchase made/raised directly in a physical space (Store).


For online purchases (online and received by carrier), the Portuguese Law establishes to the consumer a period of 14 days (commonly know as the reflection period) after taking physical possession of the goods, during which he/she can return the goods without the need to state a reason. In cases of free Termination of Contract, the return shipping costs are on the client as stipulated on the no. 2 of the article 13th of Law Decree nº 24/2014, dated from February, the 14th.


For the purchases made directly in stores, contrary to what happens on the distance shopping, the Portuguese Law does not establish the obligation for the selling company (in this case Clevocenter) to accept the Contract Termination (Return) if the item is in conformity (without signs of use and packaging in the exact conditions of delivery of the goods).
In these cases, although the Portuguese Law does not impose on the seller the acceptance of the return of the goods purchased by the Consumer, ClevoCenter, by courtesy with its Customers, may, after analysis, accept the return within the first 14 days after the purchase, however the refund can only be made via credit note. This credit note may be partially or fully discounted on new purchases at the ClevoCenter physical store. The credit note is valid for 1 year.

Note: For the picking up of orders in the commercial space resulting from reserves or purchases previously made by the Consumer through the Online Store, the legislation that governs purchases made directly in the commercial space will be applied, not counting, this way, as a purchase made by distance.


Although returns/exchanges are accepted in the first 14 days in distance purchases made by Consumers (as described above), goods returned will only be accepted if they strictly comply with the following conditions:

1.1. The returned item must be in the original packaging, intact and without any mark/use damage.
1.2. You will need to return the item together with the manuals, accessories and their packaging unblemished.
1.3. The purchase invoice for that item has to be sent along with the item itself.

In the event of breach of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and consequent refund) or exchange.


Except for technical anomalies, there are articles that by their nature cannot be accepted for returns/exchanges.

2.1. We do not accept exchanges or returns of custom goods or fruit of specific order made specially for the client.
2.2. No exchanges or returns of any type of software are accepted.


If you want the refund, the same will be done through the same way of the initial payment, unless the parties mutually accept another option. ClevoCenter will reimburse the amount paid for the item within 30 days after technical verification of the condition of the product and verification of compliance with the conditions described above (see point 1).


To start the return/exchange process simply contact one of the ClevoCenter stores with the item and your invoice, or if you do not have this possibility, you must open a Support Ticket in reserved area of the ClevoCenter online store. Subsequently, you must send the item via carrier to ClevoCenter.

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